The London Piano Festival, and Bill Dodd's Review of Ilya's Debussy Preludes

Ilya will be performing at the London Piano Festival on October 7, 2017, in a solo performance as well with Melvyn Tan, Ilya Itin, Lisa Smirnova, Danny Driver and more. This year's festival will feature an "underlying Russian theme with works by Rachmaninoff, Borodin, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky will feature in many of the programmes." 

For more information on the London Piano Festival, and for tickets - please click here

Additionally, Bill Dodd recently wrote a review of Ilya's recordings, which you can read here

Dodd writes, "when I first played [Ilya's] Debussy Preludes (Books 1 and 2 available separately) I was gobsmacked by what I was hearing. Here’s a quote from Itin: “Debussy himself is ‘recording’ human experience, revealing veiled messages ranging from bemused comedy to the shards of a shattered universe. Ever fascinating and often terrifying…” This is Debussy that doesn’t suggest flower petals. Without pounding the Steinway or exaggerating dynamics, Ilya Itin brings an undercurrent of natural strength that makes me feel like I’m living the music, rather than just listening.

Well, I see I am perhaps waxing too poetically, so let me just suggest you try some samples from these two LP length albums. I don’t care how much Debussy you have, you will thank me. Oh yes— The recording quality is world class."

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